Lafayette City Parish Councilman Kenneth Boudreaux spoke to KPEL this morning saying that the council and the Robideaux Administration will be looking into the insurance policies for the survivors of an officer who dies in the line of duty.

Lafayette Mayor President Joel Robideaux tried to assure officers who showed up at last night's council meeting, that the widow and family of Corporal Michael Middlebrook will not be removed from their insurance with Blue Cross/Blue Shield, but instead with be offered a chance to get Cobra coverage.


According to one policeman, this solution is not really sitting well with officers, and he hopes the Robideaux administration along with the council members understand the current climate at the Lafayette Police Department.

This officer tells KPEL that some officers are looking for a more solid guarantee of continued benefits for the family and children of the officer.

We will be contacting the Lafayette Police Association today and the Robideaux administration to ask further about the issue.

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