Financial help is being provided for the family of  slain Lafayette Police Officer 44-year-old Corporal Michael Middlebrook.

Middlebrook was killed last week while responding to an aggravated assault call at a convenience store. A specially dedicated fund will be able to assist the Middlebrook family.

President Raymond Hebert with the Community Foundation of Acadiana says, "The purpose of this fund is to provide some financial relief to any City of Lafayette Police Department office or employee killed or wounded in the line of duty."

Hebert praised the city since the fund was established some time ago at the urging of Police Chief Toby Aguillard.

"I want to complement your police chief, Chief (Toby) Aguillard.  Several months ago we had discussions that began that led us to the establishment of as he said, the City of Lafayette Fallen Heroes Police Fund."

Hebert has taken note of the help and support Lafayette and the surrounding area is willing to give.

"We thank the community of Lafayette, the Community of Acadiana for it's willingness to help and their willingness to support this family in this dire time."

Donations may be made through the website

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