This isn't good.

A police car was on fire Tuesday morning near Eunice and as you can see here, the car is a total loss.

The car was on fire alongside Hwy 190, near Eunice, and we don't know what may have started the fire.

It is also difficult to tell what agency the police unit belongs to. The flames and smoke make it difficult to identify the unit that is on fire.

Pat Richard
Pat Richard

You can see that other units were near the car that was on fire and that the trunk of the police unit was open.

There's no report of injuries, but we will follow this story and provide you with updates from this scene if we hear from officials in St. Landry Parish.


UPDATE: Here's what the officer, Daniel Crum, who was in the unit posted on Facebook. We are glad to hear that he is ok and recovering.

"What a day, to rejoice!!! I am completely fine, besides a Lil bit of smoke inhalation.
Long post alert, please read.
I'm creating this post, to simply shed some light on today's events and to also encourage someone. I'm aware of the small clip of unit #4, when it first engulfed in flames, being shared to hot 107.9 fb page. It was shared before I made it to the hospital. I already expected some of the "police jokes", to surface, and I did find several of them to be humorous. I also expected the scrutiny from folks, who wouldn't understand the calling, to be a police officer! I also expected the "well you shouldn't have been", the "Basile's finest", "you shouldn't have been parked in dry grass" type of comments. But, what most folk comment on, they have not witnessed, personally. I'm a man of boundaries, and today I choose to take a stand for my LEO, FIRE, EMS, FIRST RESPONDER, and DISPATCHER brothers and sisters. I mean no ill will, by this post, at all.
1st... I give God the glory and the honor in the outcome, of "what could have been". I'm thankful that God chose to keep us all safe.. Myself, the suspect, and the team of construction workers who assisted me in the apprehension of the suspect and rendered aid to me by attempting to extinguisher the fire, and also seeing about my health...
2nd... being divinely called to law enforcement, or any first response emergency services, is a special calling. In a world where police are hated by the majority, those who have accepted the calling, chose to be gap standards between the good and the evil of this world. I will protect and serve the preacher, the homeless, the addict, and the scrutinizer, all in the same fashion. I will do so with the best of my ability and with all that is in me, while also being impartial.
3rd... it is easy for someone to say, "well, he shouldn't have been doing this or that", "I would have done it, like this", "thats good for him", "he shouldn't be parked up, writing them tickets", "he should be in the community, instead of on the highway"... the citizens of Basile, can attest to my community oriented policing, as well as myself, and God up above.
So, what the public didn't see, in the video posted was.....
Sgt. Crum was dispatched to assist the sherrifs department in an active vehicle theft. Being that it's a small parish, with a short handed staff, and myself 1 man on days, we are one another's life lines... that's just how it is. I responded to dispatched location, the construction crew (also owned the stolen vehicle), had the vehicle boxed in, and upon my arrival, suspect fled on foot, through a crawfish pond. I turned the unit around in the direction of 190-W, to cut the suspects path short, in attempt to apprehend him quicker and without incident. The construction crew were like guardian, they surrounded the 3 interecting levees, 2 on each levee, and another company truck with 2, drove down the farm road, to head the suspect off at the largest clear area. I pulled off of 190, into the grass, secured the unit, and pursued on foot, head on with the suspect, not knowing if he was armed or not, as he threw things out of his pockets in the muddy waters. As we closed in on the suspect, he surrendered, and suddenly a man yelled "sir your car is on fire"... I ran through the field once more, unlocked the unit door, and killed the engine, as i could hear a hissing sound and detected an odor of fresh gas emitting from the vehicle.. I grabbed an extinguisher, a construction worker grabbed his, as we attempted to extinguish the fire, the rubber tired caught afire and blew, I inhaled smoke and dry chemical agent from the extinguishers.. I became light headed, nauseous, and short of breath. There was an intense humming in my ears as I began to see spots.. the suspect walked single handedly out from the field, hands in the air, and dropped dropped his knees, followed by the guardian construction workers. I detained him, and the case agency arrived on scene, to render aid. Let's remember, while all of this is going on, I'm relaying radio traffic back and forth with dispatch, trying to keep the scene secure, and everyone out of harms way. My mind would suddenly become fogged by an I tense adrenaline dump and deep phase of excited delirium. My dispatcher had asked me if I was ok, and I said "I don't know, I've inhaled alot of smoke". So.ewhwre in the mix, she dispatched Acadian ambulance and the fire department. I was brought to the ambulance, where my blood pressure was 178/126.. they took great care of me, and i was transported to Acadian medical center and released after teats and treatment for my breathing, with a clear report.
Another thing, that is not seen in the video, because it was taken before the deputies blocked the road off is...
Me bent over near the ditch area, after the suspect was detained. I remember looking up and I began thanking God, out loud, for keeping us all well, and out of harms way. Yes, all of us, including the suspect. The construction workers were too notch, as they gave me water and talked to me as I tried to cool off (the equipment I wear is a total of 26 extra pounds).
So I would like to encourage someone today, to not be so quick to throw judgement, or "jokes". I understand that scrutiny will be long lived. But, please take 1 second to just think before you cast judgment or throw Comments toward the fine people who risk their lives, for yours. We know, with every waking day, that the worse could happen. But, we step out, because we were called to do it. Encourage your local first responders, they chose to answer this calling and understood that, they will see things so that, you and your families wouldn't have to. We are humans too. We have bad days as well, even though we aren't necessarily, allowed too. I only shared 10% of what actually took place today. Because, it's not anyone else's burden to bear. I was flame kissed and hair singed as well.
Be nice to others, this world will not get any better, through division. Encourage folks, hear them out, don't be so quick to speak.
The last picture is me standing in the same spot (ALIVE). where my unit melted away. I had to leave todays moments, in that same burnt area, to come home and love on my family! I am grateful, I am blessed!!!!
No weapons formed against thee, shall prosper!
It was layer told, by one of the construction worker: "when he turned the car around, and gassed it, I heard a pop and a hiss, and then I saw liquid on the ground. I knew that his fuel line broke".
That could've easily been me, trapped in that car, if I were in a chase, not knowing the fuel line snapped. Worse than that, someone else could've been in there with me.
I'm humbled even more, by today's events.
Thank you Sgt. Zachary George Williams, evangeline parish 911 (my guardians of watch), basile fire department, Acadian ambulance, and my buddies in construction!!
I swore an oath, and I will uphold it. I will stand where others aren't sure of standing, I will respond with due diligence, I will remain transparent, and humble. I will uphold my integrity, I will not be bent!!"
God bless you all
Love you!!

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