If you love winter, you will love the news of what is expected to come.

Several weather graphics on social media show a very strong cold front, or Polar Vortex, coming from Canada and pushing further southward in the weeks ahead.

While we may still be weeks away, this Polar Vortex could bring temperatures to Louisiana that we don't often get here. So yes, it may be that cold.

However, as we have mentioned in previous articles here, long-range weather models are not always the most accurate, thus we are not guaranteed that this Arctic air will reach the deep south, yet.

One article that I read suggested that if the Polar Vortex does sweep across the country, many areas will experience ice and snow.

Zack Fradella
Zack Fradella

So, when would this Arctic air impact us if things remain as is? Those in the "weather world" say that we in Louisiana could be impacted by mid to late January, pending there are no changes in the jet streams.

As for how cold it could get here we could see temperatures drop into the single digits in some parts of the state.

We'll continue to monitor this potential threat, but you should already begin preparing yourself, your house, and your vehcile for extremely cold days in the weeks ahead.

Also, make sure you have a plan to protect any exposed pipes and make plans to bring your pets indoors if this Arctic does reach Louisiana. Until then, continue to check back here for any updates.


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