Melissa Radke of Lufkin, Texas explodes after a visit to her local Target store. Radke is a plus-size woman who is very vocal about real-life situations and has become one of the most followed women on social media.

Melissa's April 7 video rage over the plus-size women's clothing section at her local Lufkin, Texas Target store, is getting LOTS of attention.

Radke's beef with the store is not only the amount of retail space given to the plus-size woman but also the style of clothing in the section.

To the buyer at the Lufkin Target: Starbucks. On me. All you have to do is explain why you think plus-size women belong in long sleeve browns and khaki tops and polyester pants. That's it! Explain yourself. Size 12+ women, WE DESERVE BETTER. -Melissa Radke on Facebook

At first, Radke thought about using her phone to make a video inside the store while exclaiming her disappointment but decided her car might be a better place to air her grievances.

In her video, Radke reminds the Lufkin Target buyer(s) that 68% of American women are size 14 and up.

She compliments for its online selection of plus-size clothing. Her gripe is with her local Target store in Lufkin.

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