Listen, I have gotten, and given, some pretty dubious Christmas gifts over the years, and the disclaimer for this story is this: It's not about the money. It truly is about the thought. With that being said, the people at have come up with some pretty great suggestions about what not to give this holiday season. And again, it's not about the money. Check out their list below. You've been warned.

  • Anything from 'As Seen on TV'.  And we mean anything.
  • Clothing or purses that they did not specifically request. Most people are pretty particular about what they like, so pay attention!
  • Anything expensive, just because it's expensive. My mom used to say, money doesn't buy class. This probably goes under that category.
  • Things that you want them to take up as a hobby, or lifestyle change. Giving someone a really cool digital scale or exercise equipment is sending the wrong message. Especially at Christmas.
  • Gift cards for places they wouldn't go to in a million years. Thoughtful, but you really need to scope it out before you put down the money for something they won't use.
  • Anything scented. I'm on the fence about this one, especially if it's candles. But just because you like that particular body lotion doesn't mean they will.
  • Pajamas. No. Oh hell no.
  • Gifts that are hilarious, but not useful. At all. Think anything Chia Pet.
  • Re - gifting. I wouldn't give it as an official Christmas gift, but maybe as a 'I already have one of these and I thought you might like one too' gift.
  • Jewelry. A no no if you're not exactly sure whether they like gold or silver, or diamonds vs pearls, or maybe they would never wear a watch ever. You get the picture.


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