Do you remember what the hottest Christmas gift the year you graduated high school? What about for your first child’s Christmas? There is always that one gift that everyone is fighting for on Black Friday.

Holiday Shoppers Get An Early Start On Thanksgiving Day
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With trends and hobbies different from state to state, so are the gifts. For example, Kentucky’s hottest gift is a Harry Potter Mystery Wand, while Vermont’s is North Face Boots. Texas people are fighting over the Apple watch, while Mississippi folks are fighting to get a Barbie Dream House, but what is the hottest gift this Christmas in Louisiana?

According to HomeSnacks, they did some research by using Google trends to see what the most popular gifts are in the nation. Then narrowed it down to the most popular in each state.  Based on this research, Louisiana’s most popular Christmas gift for 2020 is Playstation 5.

Did you get one this year?

Only in Louisiana' Christmas Gifts to Give

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