In the wake of the racist Rosanne Tweet, many memes have resurfaced on social media that are fake.

The meme of Whoopi Goldberg wearing a shirt that says Make America Great Again featuring an image of President Trump shooting himself in the head is a photoshopped image.

The meme of Seatle Seahawks players burning an American Flag is a photoshopped image.

The meme of President Obama placing the Presidential Medal of Freedom around the neck of Harvey Weinstein is a photoshopped image.


I understand why the memes are so popular: people want so badly to believe that they are right about something that they will spread anything that reaffirms their beliefs. It's the "well, look at what the other guy did" defense. When President Obama did "X", his supports would say: "well, President Bush did "Y". When President Trump does something that people don't like, his supporters say: "well, President Obama did that and worse".

Now that Rosanne has shown her racist side and has had her show canceled, her supporters are sharing memes to try to say that other people have done worse and didn't suffer any consequences. As true as that may be, the argument would have much more credibility if there isn't a fake or photoshopped meme attached. And that goes for ANY argument, whether it favors the Red or the Blue, the Trumpsters or the Snowflakes. Use solid evidence/proof/sources if you want your argument to be valid.

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