Top of the World Distributors, makers and wholesalers of Calotren, an all natural weight loss supplement is having a nationwide contest.  The winner gets $500 for their charity of choice.

CJ and Debbie Ray in the morning have promoted CJ's weight loss success with Calotren for about 18 years now.  The Acadiana area is one of the most successful markets for the product.  Top of the World Distributors wants one radio station in one of of their radio markets to win $500 for their charity of choice.  CJ and Debbie Ray have chosen the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society should they win.

Please vote for CJ and Debbie Ray here or by calling 1-800-325-4366 during business hours central time.  It's simple to vote.  At the time this story was posted, CJ and Debbie Ray were in 4th place nationwide.  Please help!

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