Not a lot of people want to work on Christmas Day.  It’s the biggest holiday of the year and everyone wants to be with their family.  But, a pizza joint in Indiana gives back to its employees for Christmas. The owners of Rockstar Pizza, Colby and Ron Mathews, never have to schedule a staff on Christmas Day. They give the employees an option to work.  So what does the pizza shop do that makes it so enticing for the staff to volunteer to work on Christmas?  They split the day’s profit amongst all the employees that work Christmas Day. Rockstar Pizza had seven employees volunteer to work this year. Colby said each employee that worked took home more than $700.

The pizzeria shares their Christmas tradition on social media every year to promote it. This year the local community really caught on and the orders were pouring in. I imagine it tastes pretty good too.  They planned to be open from 4-9.  At 6:30 they couldn’t accept any more orders.  The owner said they make a lot more than she could ever bless them with as a bonus. They basically are donating all the pizza supplies since they aren’t taking any of the profit to cover expenses on Christmas. It’s a win-win for everyone.


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