When 'Pitch Perfect 2' was greenlit, it was assumed -- or at least hoped for -- that stars Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson would return. The former led the first film, while the latter was its breakout performer. And if you're a fan of 'Pitch Perfect' you'll be happy to know that both are coming back for the sequel.

This news comes from The Hollywood Reporter, and the duo will be directed by their first film co-star and producer Elizabeth Banks, while the script comes from Kay Cannon, who also wrote the previous entry in this possible franchise. At this point we're curious if fellow Barden Bellas Brittany Snow, Anna Camp, Ester Dean and Hana Mae Lee will also return, but as the first film didn't give their careers the same boost their involvement wasn't as pressing, though we wouldn't be surprised if the whole gang comes back.

The Oscar-nominated Kendrick has kept busy since 'PP,' as she's been working a lot with Joe Swanberg and has a plum role in the upcoming version of 'Into the Woods,' while Wilson appeared in last year's 'Pain and Gain' and is currently on the ABC show 'Super Fun Night.' 'Pitch Perfect 2' is scheduled to hit theaters May 15, 2015, which means that Universal is very confident in the film.

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