When it was announced that fans of LSU Tiger Football would have the opportunity be in the stands for LSU's first home game via a cardboard cut-out, people were unsure as to how the idea would shape up. Now, we are catching a first glimpse of how these cut-outs look in Tiger Stadium.

WAFB9 posted the photos to their Facebook page and you can see them below

Smiling fans line the lower wall of Death Valley as the LSU Tigers prepare for the season opener against Mississippi State.

@LSUFootball is working hard to prepare for their home-opener, as you can see in the below Tweeted photos

If this isn't enough to get Tiger fans excited for the season, check out LSU's first hype video. Bet that gets the adrenaline flowing a little bit!

Can you spot any familiar faces in cardboard cut-out form rooting on the Tigers?


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