Royal newlyweds Prince William and Duchess Kate will be traveling to California on their first official overseas visit, on Friday July 9, 2011. They'll be attending posh events in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara including a U.K. Government-sponsored dinner and a Polo benefit. This got me thinking, if they were headed to Louisiana, what would we want them do while here? Hmm. Here's my list of unique Louisiana photo opportunities for the future King and Queen:

1. Alligator Hunting with the Swamp People. Wouldn't you just love to see Liz Chevalier, the 'Alligator Queen' shooting a gator in the head while the future Queen of England holds the line?

(This Swamp People video has gorgoeus shots of the swamp.)

2. Cooking demonstration with Emeril Lagasse. I can already see the security detail flipping out when he he goes, "BAM!" She ate a raw oyster in Canada, why not learn to cook them in Louisiana?

In this video, Emeril sets off alarms.

3. Prince William gazing up at the statue of Huey Long in Baton Rouge. After all, the Kingfish did say, "Every man a king."

Video of our infamous former Governor introducing the song.