Just in time for Festival International, the partially-renovated Buchanan Parking Garage is reopening to the public.

You may recall back in 2018 when the Buchanan Parking Garage was deemed "unsafe" and had to be shuttered.

The garage was closed after it was inspected by structural engineers and they found too many problems that needed to be addressed and, in the interest of public safety, the decision was made to close the facility.

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via LCG
via LCG

According to a press release from Lafayette Consolidated Government, the first phase of the repair concentrated on columns and beams in the facility that had deteriorated.

With those repairs made, the structure is now sound and able to be utilized.

The next phase of repair will concentrate on the lifts and the stairwells, and that work should begin toward the end of summer.


With the opening of the Buchanan Parking Garage in Downtown Lafayette, Festival parking just got a little easier (and probably cheaper!).

The Facebook post from Lafayette Consolidated Government reports that Festival parking in the Buchanan Parking Garage will be $5 per vehicle. Also, there will be personnel on-site in golf carts shuttling people in and out of the garage until the elevators and stairwells are repaired.

Happy Festival, right??

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