Beachgoers from South Louisiana love the Emerald Gulf Coast for its beaches and beautiful water, however, did you know that there is a nearly perfect circular lake near one of our favorite beach towns?

This lake is only one of two in the world that is nearly perfect in its circular shape and it is fed with natural springs.

According to some who have visited this gorgeous lake in Florida, it is the perfect place to relax, have a picnic, or exercise.

So, where is this historical place, you will find this lake in DeFuniak Springs, which is located in the Florida Panhandle. This peaceful community is just north of Destin, Florida, or Miramar Beach, which makes for a perfect getaway while on vacation.

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At times the beach can get exhausting, so if you're looking for something different, yet relaxing,  Lake DeFuniak could be just what you need.

According to Trips to Explore, "DeFuniak Springs offers a range of quaint and unique shops like Fishers Pharmacy and Gifts, and The Little Big Store, providing an eclectic mix of antiques and local crafts."

In addition to that the website reminds you and me that DeFuniak Springs operates much like any other small town so businesses may close early and may not be open every day of the week. You will want to plan.

DeFuniak Springs may be one of the best-kept secrets because it seems to have something for everyone, and the pace of life seems to resemble what you would find in any South Louisiana small town, along with a lot of history.

Let's take a look at what is awaiting you and the family the next time you in the Florida panhandle.


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