The disturbing trend continues of local students making threats toward the school they attend.

The latest incident happened on Tuesday when a Patterson High school student was arrested after he was accused of threatening to shoot up the school in which he attends.

According to the St. Mary Parish Sheriff's Office, the 16-year-old male was arrested for criminal mischief.

It has not been made public as to exactly what was said or posted by the student but obviously, authorities and the school took the threat seriously.

Around 11:00 am on Tuesday, September 20, the St. Mary Parish Sheriff's Office School Resource Officers advised that the high school be put on a cautionary status due to the potential threat made by the juvenile.

During the investigation, David Spencer, a spokesperson for the SMPSO, said it was determined that the student was not armed.

"We still don't know what could have potentially prompted this threat," Spencer said.

Spencer also said a text message was sent out to all parents advising them of the incident.

Thankfully, no injuries were reported.

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