Not a fan of the heat and humidity that comes with fireworks and BBQs? Stay inside, crank up the AC, and settle in for these patriotic masterpieces.

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    The Patriot

    The Patriot is one of Mel Gibson's best movies as actor and director, and really gives you a sense of what life and war was like for the American revolutionaries. Like many of Gibson's movies, The Patriot is also a gut - wrencher, so be prepared for some serious tragedy.

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    Saving Private Ryan

    Easily one of the greatest movies ever made in any genre, Steven Spielberg's Saving Private Ryan puts not only the horrors of war on display, but the nobility and selflessness of the Greatest Generation. What these men put themselves through and sacrificed to save the life of a fellow soldier exemplifies the very best in humanity.

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    Independence Day

    Indepedence Day was a mega - blockbuster when it hit theaters back in 1996, but many critics bashed it for being 'cheesy' and 'corny.' They missed the purpose of the film, which was to be fun and entertaining, not a serious science fiction exercise like 2001.

    Independence Day has some of the best special effects in the history of filmmaking, fun and unforgettable performances from an excellent cast, characters you really care about, and most of all, a message of hope that everyone on Earth can come together despite their differences to defeat a common enemy.

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    Captain America The First Avenger

    Captain America is one of the oldest superheroes in comic book history, but wasn't a household name until Captain America The First Avenger hit theaters in 2011. The movie was completely faithful to the character of Steve Rogers, a man who refuses to let his limitations keep him from defending his country and anyone else from bullies.

    Steve's courage and selflessness is what leads him to become Captain America, a fictional hero who represented the spirit of the Greatest Generation during WW II. All three Captain America movies focus on Steve's moral strength and courage in the face of impossible odds, but the first movie is probably the most patriotic of the trilogy.

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    Superman The Movie

    The final movie on my list may seem a strange one, but Superman has always been identified with 'truth, justice, and the American Way.' The story of Superman is the story of an immigrant who is raised in America to fight for the defenseless and make in a difference in the world. Superman represents the best in humanity despite being an alien, and Superman The Movie remains the most faithful and inspirational Superman movie even 40 years after it was released in theaters.

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