Ever since the quiz show scandals of the 1950s, game show producers have gone above and beyond to make sure contestants don't get access to any questions, answers, or any other information that could lead to a game being rigged. Every now and again, a game show host will blow a game by inadvertently giving away an answer.

That nearly happened last night on Wheel of Fortune.

Pat Sajak accidentally gave away the answer to the bonus round puzzle when he told the contestant, "I'd rather be standing here than there, quite frankly."

Sajak said the incident proved that contestants "are not paying any attention to me."

It's not the first time a game show host has given away an answer. Most of the time, unlike Sajak's situation, those giveaways have caused games to go off the rails. Exhibit A: Super Password's Bert Convy.

Most of the time, though, it's the contestants who cause a show to go down the drain.

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