How sweet is this?

An Opelousas police officer is being applauded by many on social media after he showed his compassion for a young boy who was having a bad day.

Lt. Frank Boudreaux was seen consoling a young boy who was crying one morning at the crossing guard and what got the parent's attention was how the officer got down to the child's level.

The officer is seen here getting down to the child's level as he spoke to him in a gentle tone, then encouraged him to have a great morning.

According to the viral Facebook post, which you can see below, the officer's kindness was recognized by many of the parents in line at school.

Heather Nicole says in the post, "I mean EVERYONE completely stopped in the midst of the wild Wild West of school traffic - to watch this sweet, sweet moment."

Now, many on social media are applauding Lt. Boudreaux for what he did for this kid, who was obviously having a bad day.

I hope that this powerful photo reminds others to always be on the lookout for those who may be having a bad day.

Remember, if you offer up just a few words of encouragement for someone while they are feeling discouraged can go a long way.

Let's all be kind like this officer was this day.


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