See this face? I know that's what I look like when my arthritis starts to bother me. I'm sure you have felt like this if you deal with arthritis. People can have arthritis anywhere in their body pretty much.

If you've got arthritis, and many people in Acadiana do, you have probably tried everything to relieve the symptoms. Or have you? I was wondering if there were any home remedies or other remedies that might help so I asked my Facebook group.

I was pleasantly surprised to find so many new ideas I had not thought of before.


Whether it's your back, your neck, your knees, or somewhere in between, if you have arthritis then you know of the struggle of finding something that really works for your achy joints.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that across America, one in six people deal with arthritis. As we break it down among the states, the rates are higher for people in Louisiana.

The CDC states, that in Louisiana, one in four people have to deal with the pain of arthritis. And plenty of my Facebook friends are among those who suffer from arthritis. The good news? They have plenty of ideas on things to either use or do to help alleviate the pain of the disease.


More information from the database that one in four women do have arthritis, and the statistics show it's closer to one in every six men who will have to deal with the uncomfortable affliction.

One of the places I often visit for advice is The Arthritis Foundation. The website offers a wealth of information about the plethora of different forms of arthritis. They offer tips and best practices about how to reduce the pain and inflammation of arthritis.

One of the big things I always try to remember after everything I have read on this website is to KEEP MOVING! It's truly one of the last things I want to do when my arthritis decides to rear its ugly head.


If you're like me, when the weather is beginning to change, or if it has changed, the familiar aches and pains decide to visit me. The same goes for working in our around my house.

I think many people are in the same boat I am so I thought I would share some ideas from Facebook about the multitude of things I learned, and ninety percent of them I have never tried.

I hope this helps you too! One thing I am surely going to try? The whiskey-soaked raisins! Make sure you share with me if you tried that too, and I want to know if it works. Here's to feeling less achy!


Acadiana's Remedies for the Pain of Arthritis

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