When the weather turns cold, many people in Acadiana turn to space heaters for warmth, and that can sometimes prove troublesome.

The need for heat was great overnight last night as temperatures were around 30 degrees in some parts of Acadiana. The people in one home in the 100 block of La Rue Blanc needed a space heater last night, and unfortunately, they have lost their home. Thankfully, no one was injured during this morning's fire.

The woman and her fiancé were awakened by the smell of smoke in their home this morning. The two acted very quickly to place her father in his wheelchair and get the man to outside of the burning home.

The Scott Fire Department got word of the house fire just after one o'clock this morning. They responded to start battling the blaze along with firefighters from Lafayette, Duson and Carencro.

According to Scott Police Chief Chad Sonnier there was also another person who was in the home at the time of the blaze, and that person was actually able to go out of window to get outside of the burning structure.

Firefighers were greeted by flames and smoke in the attic of the home, and they worked to bring a halt to the blaze. They began to work on figuring out what caused things to go up in flames, and they narrowed in on the culprit. Unfortunately, an electric space heater was too much for the circuit, and things caught on fire.

Chief Sonnier says this fire has been ruled an accident, but he says there are several safety issues that should be considered when thinking about space heaters. He says a space heater should always be plugged directly into a socket. He adds that a space heater should always be kept at least three fee away from anything that can catch fire.

Other safety tips concerning space heaters to keep in mind is that you should make sure it is on a flat surface, and the National Fire Protection Association says you should turn off space heaters when you leave the room or go to bed.




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