Lawmakers from both sides of the aisle have made an agreement on a new COVID-19 relief bill. One problem... And it's a big one.

Many Americans have been hoping and praying for a new stimulus check, or monthly checks, for the better part of 2020. Granted, Americans did receive a stimulus check valued at $1,200 plus $500 per child, but that was back at the beginning of the pandemic.

Families across the country, and certainly here in our restriction-heavy state of Louisiana, are still struggling to stay afloat. They are struggling to keep food on the table, and struggling to keep bills paid on time.

Today, according to the Louisiana Radio Network, a bipartisan group of congressional lawmakers has agreed on a new COVID-19 relief bill, this one to the tune of $908 Billion. $908 BILLION, and yet, no stimulus check included.

This news will undoubtedly ruffle the feathers of many hard-working Americans who are simply trying to make it through Christmas by any means necessary.

Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy signed onto the bill, saying it will help the unemployed and business owners. He says, "300 dollars a week for ten weeks to the unemployed, and there is 288 billion dollars for another round of Payroll Protection Plan with specific provisions for restaurants and music venues.”

The package also includes 16 billion dollars for vaccine distribution and contact tracing, 35 billion dollars for healthcare worker relief, and 25 billion dollars in rental housing assistance relief for landlords.

Did I mention this $908 Billion bill does not include a stimulus?

The bill still needs to get approval through the House to be signed into law.

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