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As you may have noticed, Jenn and I were off the air for a few days, then there was the Thanksgiving holiday. Jenn is back with JayCee in the morning! I'm still a little under the weather. Hope to return this week.
So much is happening and in the spirit of 2020, not all good. In the middle of chaos and what seems to be one problem after another, at least in my life, I paused and turned on KTDY this morning. There is something about Christmas music that just makes the day better.
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This year, more than ever, you asked KTDY to go all Christmas earlier than we normally we listened to you. Now, some people didn't like that much but since we couldn't find any Thanksgiving music (lol), we did it. 
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I'd like to salute JayCee who has been working extremely long hours and has taken over a tremendous amount of responsibilities over the past few weeks. Jenn is one of the strongest women I know and she returned to work still not feeling her best. Michelle and Ian thank you as well as the show must go on. And remember, Delilah tucks you in at night with new and classic Christmas favorites.
The weather is perfect for the sounds of the season. Your KTDY radio family hopes you take us with you whenever you need the loving spirit of Christmas.
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To all of you, we love you, thank you and may God bless you and those you love as we end one of the most stressful years in the history of life.