Ochsner Lafayette General announced in June that they were planning a massive upgrade to the facility. The expansion would cost around $100 million and include a 6-floor inpatient tower, a state-of-the-art Cancer center, and a 547 vehicle parking garage tower.

At the beginning of December, Ochsner Lafayette General Medical Center began construction on the new $14 million, 547 vehicle parking tower which is located on the corner of S. College Road at 109 Pasa Pl.

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“As part of this agreement and commitment to the region, Ochsner will invest $465 million in capital and resources over the next 10 years to expand care across Acadiana,” according to the Ochsner Lafayette General website.

This whole project is a massive undertaking but all of it is quite necessary. I worked at Lafayette General when I was in college and the biggest complaint I heard was dealing with the parking situation. Even though I had a parking pass it was still very difficult on weekends and nights to get a parking spot. So these added spaces will be very helpful when it comes to visitors and staff being able to find decent parking.

The new garage is set to be completed in September of 2022, which is when the whole project should be finished.
For more information about the expansion, see more below or visit their website for a list of all of the investment bullet points.


  • Further development of digital health in the region to empower patients and lower the cost of care. In addition, $1 million will be invested in the Healthcare Innovation Fund at the Ochsner Lafayette General Foundation to further digital medicine and technology initiatives in Acadiana.
  • Immediate facility upgrades and greater financial stability for Ochsner University Hospital & Clinics (UHC), enabling the hospital to continue serving the most vulnerable members of the community. Additionally, a $10 million, 10-year Community Support Fund, overseen by the Ochsner Lafayette General Board of Trustees, will be created to advance health and wellness across Acadiana, promote workforce development in the region and support initiatives aligned with the mission of Ochsner Lafayette General.
  • Investment in graduate medical education at Ochsner LGMC to help train the physicians of the future, and add approximately 48 new residency positions at Ochsner LGMC, building on the 75 currently at UHC.
  • A commitment to support our employees, including an investment of approximately $21 million over 10 years to increase minimum wage from $10 to $12 per hour, effective immediately. This positively impacts nearly 900 employees. In addition, effective January 1, 2021, employees will be eligible for an annual 2% retirement contribution on top of their current 401(k) match, which represents a $4 million annual investment in the long-term financial stability of Ochsner Lafayette General employees.
  • The implementation of Ochsner’s MA Now workforce development program in Acadiana, helping local community members to jumpstart a medical assistant career in healthcare, as well as an expansion of Ochsner’s pharmacy tech and LPN apprenticeship programs.
  • Investing in new classrooms at Ochsner Lafayette General Orthopaedic Hospital to grow existing RN and surgical technology programs.
  • The opening of a new community health center in an underserved area of Lafayette with a commitment to open more locations in the future.


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