We bet Raven didn't see that coming.

Orlando Brown, who played Eddie on That's So Raven in the early 2000s, was arrested on Friday (April 13).

The former Disney Channel star, who had an outstanding warrant, was reportedly arrested by a bounty hunter who raided a Las Vegas home around 6:30 a.m. this morning and found the actor "hiding in his underwear."

TMZ shared video footage of the incident, in which a bounty hunter by the name of Lucky entered (by warrant) the home and found Brown holed up in a bedroom closet. Brown was arrested on-site for failing to appear in court in March after allegedly striking his girlfriend back in 2016.

The owner of the Vegas home told the tabloid that he was allowing Brown to stay there "as a favor for a music producer neighbor."

this is the third time Brown has been arrested, following his 2016 arrest for domestic battery, drug possession and obstruction of justice, and his January 2018 arrest for battery, possession and resisting a police officer.

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