You've seen and heard commercials for both Oral B and Sonicare toothbrushes. Both claim to do a great job. But which one does a better job?

Several years ago, after a dentist appointment, my dentist at the time handed me a box with a new electric toothbrush in it. It was the top of the line Oral B toothbrush. I used it regularly for years. It still works actually. Fast-forward to just a few years ago and a visit to my new dentist as my old retired. My new dentist was insistent that I get a new electric toothbrush and dump the Oral B. I ended up taking one home from her office that day. The Sonicare Black Diamond.

In the last five years, I've had to purchase two Sonicare toothbrushes. The first one lasted about 2 years. My original Oral B lasted much longer than that under daily use. As I said, it still works. However, when my first Sonicare gave out, I didn't go back to an Oral B, I bought another Sonicare. Not really sure why.

The biggest difference between the two has to be the brush head. The head of the Oral B is round and the head of the Sonicare looks more like a regular toothbrush.

Both toothbrushes move to clean, Oral B in a circular motion, the Sonicare produces more of a vibration. They both have markings to show when it's time to replace the brushes. They both have a base for charging. And both companies offer different models to accommodate everyone's budget.

So which toothbrush will give you a better clean for your money?

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