Over the weekend I started to think about the days prior to social media and I came to the conclusion that we were all bit happier and much nicer to one another.

Let me start by saying that I love social media. When used correctly, social media can be a wonderful thing. The platforms help reunite families, they can help with promoting fundraisers, and they allow all of us to "stay in touch."

However, in recent years we have allowed social media to pollute our society. Too many people get on Facebook, Twitter, Etc. and look for a debate. And that's ok, but you should never let your opinion(s) on things sway you as a person.

Families and life-long friendships have been destroyed because of what someone has shared or posted on social media. Yes, words do hurt.

Again, that is should not happen. Social media was always meant to be a bridge between people and communities, but now in 2020 social media seems to be more like a sewer ditch. Yes, social media has gotten that ugly and nasty.

We all need to be better on social media. Our words can hurt others and they can even cost you or me a relationship and/or even our job.

I'm sorry, but there's nothing that I can put on social media that is worth me losing any of the above. Yes, I have probably upset some with my words in the past, but never have I ever used social media to further divide people, and if you have, shame on you.

So I propose this, we should all force ourselves to post something POSITIVE once a day. Find a good story or a photo and share it. Do your part to make whatever social media platform you are on a more enjoyable experience.

Oh, let me suggest that you stay out of the misguided comment sections. If you walk into what I'll call "Sewer Ditch" you best be prepared and have boots up to your chin.

Something else we can all do to make social media a much more pleasant place in 2020 is to tell someone something nice on social media, a compliment goes a long way!

Look, I share this with you all not to lecture you, but more to suggest a move. If we all do our small part on Facebook, Twitter, Etc. social media can be "fun" again.

Speaking of fun, it is still ok to poke fun at a friend's favorite sports team and all, but let's all remember that feelings sometimes can get in the way. Proceed with caution.

I'll end this with just a few more words, just be nice. Share relevant and up-to-date material on social media and when someone attempts to start a "fight" with you social media, wish them a great day and move on. Never retaliate.

Now, allow me to get back to scrolling for the "good news."


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