This Sunday, May 19th will mark the one year anniversary of Mickey Shunick's disappearance.  Her family is determined that she not be forgotten, and that some good will come from the horror of her fate.
A press release was distributed Thursday.
The release noted the overwhelming support of the community  and the camaraderie that came from the massive search effort.
There are many, myself included, who have questioned her decision to ride across town alone on a bicycle at 2 am, and the decision of her friends to allow it.

Her friend Jay Steiner had this response, “We shouldn’t have to cower and hide inside. If we don’t feel safe, we should come together and make a change. I wish it didn’t take a tragedy like this for that to happen. I wish we could keep that going."

A nonprofit foundation in Mickey's name is being established to will help families and friends of missing persons launch social media campaigns and jumpstart search efforts.
“It’s mostly an organization geared toward taking the lessons we’ve learned in the three months and helping other people.”
- Jay Steiner

Her friends Raven Talley and Lindsay Beggs are planning a journey this summer. They had originally planned to take the trip last year with Mickey. They'll cycle across the country with Bike and Build. It's a program to help others by building affordable housing. They're dedicating the trip to Mickey’s memory.

Brandon Scott Lavergne confessed to her murder and is serving a life sentence without parole.
The family continues to ask media, and the general public to respect their privacy as the healing process continues. No public memorial is planned.

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