If you have an old school bus laying around, there's a conversion company out of Florida who can turn it into a dream motor home.

JBJ Conversions take (what appears to be) normal school buses and turns them into great motor homes. Their Facebook Page is full of before/after shots of some of the vehicles they have remodeled into a more functional vehicle.

The inside of this old school bus is nicer than my house! And, with the convenience of it having wheels and a drivetrain? This house can go anywhere.

A kitchen, a sitting area, a bedroom, bathroom, even a shower; it's an RV with interesting skin.

The price on this unit seems to be less than comparable motor homes from the factory. The JBJ was asking only $18,500 for this old bus. Seems like a bargain, to me.

I realize that living in a vehicle has its disadvantages, but think of the freedom you'll have when you travel, not having to worry about lodging or meals or a yard to maintain.

One of the disadvantages might be this right here:

I mean, the toilet is IN the shower. Is it really a disadvantage? I'm okay with it. My little lady says it's a deal-breaker, though.

Anyway, these guys do some really great work, and I just like the novelty of having a school bus I could live and travel in.

If you scroll far enough through their gallery, you'll come across a customized hearse.

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