Video shows a group of police officers attempting to apprehend an individual, eventually leading to a foot pursuit. As multiple officers sprinted off in an attempt to catch the perpetrator, one officer quickly gave up the foot-race because, as he put it, "Rock don't run anymore".


Officers of the law do not, by any means, have an easy job. This interaction proves that.


While the context of this particular interaction is unclear, a man can be seen running away from multiple officers who have already tased him.


As the man takes off running, two officers can be seen hitting a full sprint in pursuit. But, one officer apparently didn't have the steam necessary to join in on the foot-chase.


Meet 'Rock', who may or may not actually be named 'Rock'. But, what we do know is that the group of people watching the situation unfold got a good laugh out of 'Rock' and his efforts (or lack thereof) during this pursuit.

You've got to see the entire video posted to Twitter by @Carolinas_94 below to get the full scope of things.

"You told old for this sh*t, dog?", asked someone standing nearby. "Rock don't run anymore", responded the officer who didn't make it more than a few feet in the pursuit.

While two of his fellow officers ran after the man in question, 'Rock' opted to hang back with the police cruisers - for energy conservation purposes.

This moment got social media riled up.

I hope everyone involved in the incident made it out alright, but clearly, 'Rock' was the star of this video.

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