It's the latest fallout from the video that surfaced over the weekend that purportedly contained the Lafayette city court judge and her family using racial slurs.

According to our news partners at KATC TV3, Odinet's son's name was removed from the roster for the LSU Men's Track team. As a freshman, the outlet reports, Elijah Odinet had been working out with the team.

According to the story from KATC, the representative from LSU would not say whether his dismissal was due to the video that surfaced over the weekend, but they did say they were aware of it.

This isn't the first time the world gets to hear Elijah Odinet's voice; in February of this year, the then 19-year-old appeared before the Lafayette City/Parish Government. It was during the public comments phase of the meeting that Odinet spoke out against a mask mandate that was being considered.

In the video above, Elijah Odinet kept referring to the coronavirus as a "cold" and was chiding people for being overweight and having other health problems. In the address to the council, Odinet also cites a state statute that forbids the wearing of masks in public to reinforce his disdain for masking up to protect others.

Though the LSU Track team hasn't addressed Elijah's involvement in the video directly, it did post this message to its social media sites this week:


On a bigger stage, the National Bar Association's president has called for the resignation of Lafayette City Court Judge Michelle Odinet.

According to The Current, the local news agency that first reported on the video, the National Bar Association's President issued a statement about the issue.

According to the post, NBA President Carlos Moore said he was "absolutely disgusted" by Michelle Odinet's comments, and is calling for her to resign. President of the National Bar Association, I am calling for her to resign from her post as judge... I am highly offended, and do not believe Odinet deserves to be in the ranks of the judiciary... - National Bar Association President Carlos Moore, via The Current

The post goes on to say that the National Bar Association "condemns Judge Michelle Odinet's racist statements and is demanding that she resign from her position as a judge immediately." If she doesn't resign, the NBA encourages the Judiciary Commission of Louisiana to investigate the incident and "recommend appropriate steps by the Louisiana Supreme Court to unseat her".

If you care to view the video in question, allow us to preface with a warning: it contains strong, racist language that may not be suitable for some members of the family.


As of this minute, Michelle Odinet has taken a leave of absence, unpaid. An interim judge has been appointed to the position. Judge Ronald D. Cox, retired from the 15th Judicial District, will fill the seat until more decisions are made.

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