New Year's Eve and Times Square go together like cornflakes and milk. When you think of the pinnacle of New Year's Eve celebrations anywhere in the world, you know Time Square is the spot. It's always a pretty slick production when we watch it on TV, but we found a few live cams streaming raw HD and 4K video of the events and surrounding areas that can give you a completely different way to watch.

Earth Cam has a few set up, as well as AE Signage, Fox News and many more with most of the live cams streaming in awesome 4K quality.

As the New Year's Eve celebrations continue to ramp up through out the day, these live cams will kind of give you a "behind the scenes" look a little bit.

With the lingering pandemic coupled with the nasty weather expected for Acadiana, your NYE celebrations are probably out of the window at this point. Hopefully these live cams can help you celebrate the end of 2020.

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