A video of a group of residence from Pelican Pointe Health Care and Rehabilitation in Maurice has gone viral after their day trip to a Lafayette daiquiri shop was posted to Facebook.

Brandon Sinegal posted the video to Facebook with the caption "Only in Lafayette" on March 12th and it has already racked up an impressive 37,000 views.

The video shows a group of  residents getting off the Pelican Pointe Health Care and Rehabilitation bus and heading into New Orleans Original Daiquiris on the corner of Johnston and Ambassador Caffrey Parkway.

Hey, there is no age limit on the deliciousness that is a daiquiri! Ok, that's not 100% true, because you do have to be over 21, but there's no rule that says you can't throw back a daiquiri after a certain age!

I say heck yeah, Pelican Pointe Health Care and Rehabilitation! You do the daq thang!

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