Reports are saying that Louisiana Department of Health officials have revoked seven nursing home licenses from the owner, who sent residents to a Hammond-area warehouse to evacuate Hurricane Ida. After reports came out of four residents dying at the facility, an investigation into the conditions at the warehouse began.


We initially reported that four nursing home residents died and twelve more were hospitalized after being evacuated to the Hammond-area warehouse, which prompted LDH to investigate the living conditions at the warehouse. With more than 800 residents from seven different nursing homes across Southeast Louisiana being evacuated to this location, many wanted answers as to how a disaster happened.

New reports confirm that Bob Dean was the owner of the nursing homes, as well as the warehouse they were evacuated to, who made the decision to evacuate the patients to this location. Now, Dean has had his licenses to operate these nursing homes revoked.



The LDH reportedly ordered the immediate closure of Dean's nursing home locations after beginning their investigation. The LDH also announced that they would be terminating Medicaid provider agreements with the nursing homes owned by Dean.

Dean reportedly told a reporter that he was selling the homes and blamed LDH for any suffering the patients endured.

See the report with the update from @NOLAnews via Twitter below.

More specifics on LDH's findings from @aegallo on Twitter below.

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