“It is imperative these stimulus checks go to those who rightfully belong to them.”

Those are the words of Attorney General Jeff Landry, who expressed his concerns in a press release about Medicaid recipients in nursing homes and any unlawful confiscation of these funds from them.
Landry points out that Medicaid recipients do not have to sign over stimulus checks from the CARES Act like they may have to do when signing over resources to their residing nursing homes.
"Congress classified these monies as tax credits, and under the law, tax credits do not count as 'resources' for federal benefits programs," says Landry. “Any illegal seizure of these funds should be immediately reported to my Medicaid Fraud Control Unit.”

Landry encourages anyone with information on a Medicaid recipient forfeiting his or her stimulus check to a nursing home to contact his MFCU by phone at 888-799-6885 or online at http://agjefflandry.com/Medicaid/Fraud/Complaint.

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