More surprising than learning we have a nudist park in Louisiana are some of the rules they enforce!

I recently read an article about a nude community in Minnesota and it got me to wondering if Louisiana allowed nudist communities. It turns out there are no communities, but there is a nudist park: Indian Hills in Slidell. Have to say I was more than a little surprised it was in Slidell. I figured it would have been somewhere in or around NOLA or maybe up north. Indian Hills is hidden off Hwy 190 in Slidell and is a park  open to members and non - members alike. Here's a snippet of the history of the park from the Indian Hills site:

The “Hills” were opened by the great “Professor” Gottlieb Kogel in 1971 who lived to the ripe old age of 94. We are keeping his love of social nudity alive and thriving. He was love by all, and visitors were amazed at his unique magic acts he regularly performed at the Hills. Naturism has often been misunderstood. Social nudity is the freedom to feel comfortable with your naked self in a safe, relaxing setting, all while enjoying the beautiful nature that abounds at Indian Hills. The professor heavily promoted the understanding of nudism until the day he died.

The park looks very peaceful, with a pool, pond, clubhouse, cabins, and lots of trees. As you might imagine, the park has a number of rules, some of which may surprise you:

NUDITY REQUIRED around pool area and in clubhouse. Towels, wraps, shirts allowed. NO street clothes or bathing suits.

NO PHOTOGRAPHY: minimize cell phone use and keep stickers over cameras.

SIT ON A TOWELL always. Never sit bare bottomed anywhere.

NO GLASS allowed in public areas even in coolers. Coolers are not to be placed along the pool edge.

NO SEXUAL ACTIVITY in public areas ever. There shall be no sexual activity in pool, hot tub or Indian Room or the vicinity there of. That will be grounds for immediate removal and banned from park. If banned from Park there will be no refunds of any kind given. Even the perception of sexual misconduct will be addressed.

NO DIVING swim at your own risk

AVOID bullying, excessive drunkenness, profanity, rudeness

SPEED LIMIT is 5 MPH throughout the park

Could be painful and gross if you or someone else doesn't follow some of these, like no diving, no glass, and making sure to place a towel on any surface before sitting. The park's site features more photos of the grounds and some of these feature some nudity, so use caution when visiting that page.

Here's WWL's visit to the park from last May:

Would you play Indian Hills a visit? I'm not sure I'm quite ready to go au naturale myself.

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