*NSYNC's showing the world they don't necessarily need Justin Timberlake's involvement to make fans freak the hell out.

During her first Coachella set, Ariana Grande brought out JC Chasez, Lance Bass, Chris Kirkpatrick and Joey Fatone to perform her single "break up with your boyfriend, i'm bored," which sample's the group's song "Makes Me Ill," as well as *NSYNC's hit "Tearin' Up My Heart." Though JT wasn't able to make it for the reunion due to his solo tour obligations, the response was overwhelmingly positive. Even the absent member shared a message to his former bandmates, letting them know they "killed it."

With a "test run" under their belts, could *NSYNC go out on the road as a quartet? Some people who work in the music industry think so.

“There’s such a hunger now for great pop, for nostalgia,” one industry source told Billboard. “It’s almost like a warm, comfortable blanket, especially for the generation that grew up with them, who are now moms and dads. The timing is right.”

“The four of them would be great,” added Brad Wavra, senior vp touring at Live Nation and *NSYNC's original promoter. “There’s no denying the talent that Justin has, but the four of them together proved it [at Coachella]: the music sounded great, they looked great, the fan response was awesome and I think that that would be the same all across America.”

Backstreet Boys' Nick Carter is all for an *NSYNC comeback. Over the weekend, he tweeted his support of a reunion, and went so far as to suggest the once competing boy bands collaborate sometime.

Though the band didn't respond, Fatone did on his personal account, seemingly calling out BSB on unfinished projects. "Hey we still have other Colabs [sic] we have not finished yet before u can think of other things lol" he wrote.

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