We awoke this morning with the usual mix of gratitude (for being alive) and disgust (being alive on a Monday) to posts on Facebook from some of our neighbors whose cars had been rummaged through overnight.

'Surely,' thought I, 'that didn't happen to us.'

It did.

I didn't realize it until I sat down in the driver's seat to bring my girls to school. The contents of my glove box and center console were strewn about the front passenger seat and floor. Normally, I wouldn't notice this as out of the ordinary, but my wife had taken my car during the weekend and I had cleaned it for her beforehand.

I felt a number of emotions: disgust, a little fear, and above all, the helplessness that comes from being violated. Worst of all is that I'm usually very vigilant about locking our car doors at night, as well as the doors to our home.

The scum - sucking invertebrates who went through our vehicles and a number of those in our neighborhood could have accessed our home via the garage door openers in both vehicles. More than just the contents of our vehicles could have been compromised.

Thankfully, neither I or my wife keep anything of any real value in our cars. That feeling of safety and security we've had up until this morning, however, which you can't put a price on, has been stolen.

I was put at ease by the responding officers of the Broussard Police Department. These gentlemen were prompt, courteous, compassionate, and professional. Their service went a very long way towards restoring that sense of security, and I am extremely grateful to know that we're in good hands here in Broussard, as well as Acadiana and the state of Louisiana.

It's not a matter of if you're going to be a victim of this kind of crime. Not anymore, not in the world we live in now. Take any valuables out of your vehicles at night, especially guns, which were stolen from some of our neighbors, and consider also bringing in your garage door opener or getting a garage door keychain fob. One of the officers who responded suggested this idea, and it's a great way to add another level of security for yourself and your family.

Thankfully, my wife and girls are safe and sound. That's really all that matters anyway, and Monday is thankfully just one day a week.

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