When you think of nachos do you think of the baseball park concession stand nachos with the thick orange nacho cheese poured all over the corn chips and jalapenos on top? I bet a lot of people do. And many probably think of the menu item at every Mexican restaurant that includes beef or chicken, cheese, beans, and jalapenos on top of the chips. Either one of those options sounds good to me. Nachos are one of the world’s greatest snacks and it really is so simple. Chips, cheese, toppings.

Nachos have slowly become more interesting over the years. Sour cream, guacamole, fire-roasted corn, beans, tomato, lettuce, cilantro, so many ingredients have been added to the Mexican version of nachos. Today, nachos have expanded way past the traditional Mexican version. So many people have gotten creative that now you even see dessert nachos. Because of our love for seafood here in Louisiana and talented chefs, it doesn’t surprise me that our local restaurants put their own delicious twist on the famous nachos. Here is a list of some ‘nacho average nachos’ that you really must try. All in Lafayette with the exception of one that is in Arnaudville. Maybe after trying these, you’ll get inspired to come up with your own nacho concoction. ­­­­­

Not Your Average Nachos You Must Try in Lafayette

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