As much as we hoped things would be back to normal by Mardi Gras season next year, it doesn't appear to be that way. Parades and balls are being cancelled all over the state, and the biggest blow to the economy and cultural heritage has to be in New Orleans. Even though we have our own fun and fabulous carnival season in Acadiana, it's going to be a shock to citizens and visitors alike when we won't get to celebrate on Fat Tuesday.

However, our hopes are not entirely dashed, because, as officials are pointing out, Mardi Gras is not cancelled, just Mardi Gras parades. And we got a glimpse of things to come during carnival season yesterday when New Orleans' King Cake Hub announced that not only were they going to open in 2021, but they are expanding to a much bigger and better location.

For the last several years King Cake Hub had been operating at 400 Canal Street in the Mystere Mansion, which is home to the Mortuary Haunted House. They are basically a one-stop shop for king cakes, and they offer these seasonal treats from some of the most famous bakeries and restaurants in New Orleans. So instead of running all over town to pick up your favorite king cake, you can check out daily offerings from over 60 different places at King Cake Hub..

Because of scheduling difficulties next year, King Cake Hub will move to the Broad City Theater at 636 N. Broad, in Mid City beginning on January 6th, which is Twelfth Night, and the kickoff to Mardi Gras season. There are some special additions to the lineup this year, including, for the first time ever, cakes from the world-famous Brennan's Restaurant.

Going to King Cake Hub is so much fun, and one of my first destinations during Mardi Gras season in New Orleans. Their retail hours will be 8:00 am - 6:00 pm daily from January 6th through Lundi Gras, which is Monday, February 15th. As of right now, all parades in Orleans Parish have been canceled, but Jefferson Parish parades appear to still be scheduled.

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