There's no doubt that Louisianians all over the state are mourning a big part of carnival season this year. Officials have been trying to convince us for weeks that "The parades are cancelled, but Mardi Gras is not cancelled" but some people are hell bent on making 2021 just as festive as ever.

Over the weekend huge crowds were seen in the French Quarter in New Orleans, and despite eased restrictions in the city, Mayor LaToya Cantrell told WVUE that "The city will take a hard look at what happened on Bourbon this weekend, and pursue appropriate action wherever possible."

City spokesman Beau Tidwell stated that the danger of COVID-19 is still very real in New Orleans and city officials are working on a plan for what they will do to prevent large Mardi Gras crowds on Fat Tuesday. He told WVUE TV "Mardi Gras is different this year. It's unsafe for any large gatherings, especially with a new variance around. Chief Ferguson and the public safety team are actively working on their operations plan and what it is going to look like for Fat Tuesday itself, and the days leading up to it."

Hotels and vacation rental companies are no doubt going to be filling up with tourists who want the Mardi Gras experience in the Big Easy, even though parades have been cancelled for this year. And city and health officials don't want this to become another "superspreader event". Closing streets, and limiting takeout drinks could also be a possibility, according to Tidwell, but nothing has been finalized yet. Stay tuned for updates if you're planning a trip to New Orleans.

We all want Mardi Gras to be safe this year, whether you're a local or a tourist, just be smart, y'all.



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