More and more Mardi Gras celebrations are being canceled across the state of Louisiana, but somehow lovers of all things Carnival are finding a way to celebrate our most famous holiday. At my house, we've already put up the Mardi Gras decorations, and we've all managed to buy at least one king cake by now. But how are we going to feel when Tuesday, February 16th rolls around and we have no parades to attend?

Well, one New Orleans Mardi Gras lover thinks he has a solution, and not surprisingly, it's getting some traction on social media. Joe Schuermann of New Orleans posted a letter to the City of New Orleans on Facebook last week suggesting that the Big Easy hold a Mardi Gras celebration at City Park similar to the wildly popular "Celebration in the Oaks" which happens every Christmas. The holiday spectacular allows citizens to drive through millions of sparkling lights and displays in the historic park, and it's a true New Orleans family tradition. And Schuermann thought the same might work for a Mardi Gras season that's drastically scaled-down

He told WWL TV in New Orleans "Just have a signature float and drive-by like they do in Christmas in the Oaks and look at the lights and have kids look at the floats, I think it'd be pretty neat. No it's not going to be the same, but it'd give them a taste of purple, green, and gold and put a smile on kids' faces."

Sounds fun to me, and the folks at City Park aren't disagreeing. They released a statement to WWL that said "City Park is aware of the social media comments and always appreciate hearing from the public. Leadership has been meeting about this idea, but we do not have any information to share at this time." See more about 'Floats in the Oaks' in the video from WWL below.




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