By now we are pretty used to seeing our fellow Louisianians on reality television shows. We seem to have contestants from the Bayou State on shows like American Idol, The Voice on NBC, X Factor, and even the Masked Singer every year. And it's kind of cool to always be able to cheer on the home team.

And over the years, we've had several Louisiana contestants on the long-running America's Got Talent show. But not quite like the ones we saw on Tuesday's episode of the popular talent competition. New Orleans sideshow performer Gigi Deluxe Arroyo and her daughter Devon performed what can only be described as a bow and arrow stunt for their audition.

It resembled something like the famous William Tell archery eveinnt. You know, the one with the apple on the head, except this time it was with a balloon in the daughter's mouth. To say that it horrified the panel of judges would be an understatement. says that judge Howie Mandell stated “I can’t look", and OG judge Simon Cowell said “She’s dead if this goes wrong." Apparently, the mother-daughter duo was unaware of the tension at the judge's table, and they plowed through with their "talent" like they had hundreds of times.

And if you are wondering what kind of background one might need to perform a stunt like this on national television, according to Gigi Arroyo has been, at various times in her life, a tattoo artist, circus sideshow sword swallower, and, of course, an expert archer. Check out the video of the amazing audition below.



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