Noel Acadien Au Village is one of Acadiana's favorite holiday traditions. It takes a lot of people to make this annual tradition come to life. Most of the help are volunteers. They're currently shorthanded. Volunteers are needed, mostly in concessions, but other areas, too.

Here's a list of what's needed: Friday, Dec 13th: 5-10 people (5-9pm), Dec 14th: 5-10 people (4:30/5-9pm), Dec 15th: 20 people, (4:30/5-9pm), Dec 18th : 8 people (5-9pm), Dec 19th : 5 people (5-9pm), Dec 22nd : 20 people  (4:30/5-9pm), Dec 23rd : 15 people (5-9pm).

If you're available, please call Karon Davis at 337-706-8759, or email You're welcome to wear a shirt, jacket, or hat representing your company or business.   

Acadian Village is located (off Rue du Belier, at 200 Greenleaf Drive in Lafayette.

The mission of Noel Acadien au Village is to raise funds for client development programs and quality of life services.

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