It's a sign of the times.

While cruising the internet this morning, I saw an article that made me question what year I was in. Technology is always evolving. Phones get smaller, TVs get smarter, and there are robots doing human jobs all over the world. This story might take us straight into the 'Black Mirror World'

A British company named Walletmor will install a payment microchip into your body so that you don't have to carry around credit cards. They will implant the chip in any part of your body, but they recommend your hand for easy access (duh).

The microchip is equal to the size of a grain of rice and will cost you about $300 to implant. Once implanted, you would be able to use the microchip at nearly all businesses across the world with just the swipe of your implanted hand.

Currently, the technology is only available to those living in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and others living in the European Union. No word on when the technology will go global. According to Walletmor, over 200 people already have the chip.

The tech company says to find a trusted surgeon to do the implant surgery, but after the chip is inserted, there are no refunds. There haven't been any complications reported as of yet.

For some reason, my mind won't let me think that this is a safe procedure. Maybe it's because I watch too much 'Black Mirror', but with the way the world is headed, maybe this will eventually become the only way you'll be able to pay for things in the future.

Let the conspiracy theories begin.

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