If there is one thing that we have learned about Americans during this coronavirus pandemic it's this. We don't like people telling us what to do. Whether it's washing our hands, wear a mask, or stay home. We just don't like being restricted. I can only imagine how even tighter restrictions are going to go over when placed on some of the "most entitled" individuals on Earth. Yes, I am talking about NFL players.

The NFL and the NFL Players Association are doing everything they can to ensure that we will have pro football on the field this season. In order to do that the league is putting in some very tight restrictions on what players can and can't do off the field.

Among the reported restrictions are these. Players may not visit indoor nightclubs or indoor bars. The one restriction is that players may pick up food from establishments but they won't be allowed to go inside. Players will also be prohibited from visiting or hosting house parties where 15 or people are present. There are also other restrictions regarding concerts and sporting events too.

According to reports should a player violate these restrictions they could be subject to fines. Should they test positive after being found guilty of participating in restricted behavior the player could miss out on game paychecks and, this is a biggie, future guarantees in their contracts could be voided.

The NFL has not expressly described how they plan to police player activities but with so many people on social media, these days a player would be hard-pressed to keep his activities under wraps, especially if it involved a large crowd.

Let's hope all the players understand the importance of these restrictions not only for their own personal well being but for the well being of the 2020-2021 season.  As Drew Brees said, we need football. We need a distraction. We need people to behave responsibly and be safe.


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