Spring and Summer are right around the corner in south Louisiana and you know what that means, mosquito season.  You don't need me to tell you how mosquitoes in this neck of the woods can be very aggressive.  You can spray the yard, your body, your clothes and still, they find you and bite.  Relief may be something extremely simple an doesn't involve sprays, special clothing or scented candles.

Popular Science is reporting on a new study that is almost guaranteed to keep mosquitoes away from you.  The University of Washington, after researching mosquito behavior, suggests you swat away mosquitoes but do NOT kill them.  Mosquitoes, believe or not, are smart enough to remember you swatted them and will leave you alone.

And this pare of the research is really stunning.  The researchers also found if you swat a mosquito it will remember that YOU swatted them and will leave you alone for up to 7 days.  In addition, since the one you swatted will stay away, the other mosquitoes will take note.  Other mosquitoes will see that the mosquitoes you swatted are staying away and they will follow suit.

So this spring and summer, leave the sprays on the store shelves, no need for candles or special clothing.  All you need to do is move your hands!



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