Disaster struck a hotel construction site in Downtown New Orleans today. A large section of the Hard Rock Hotel, which was under construction, collapsed earlier today, resulting in multiple injuries, and death.

The construction site is on Canal Street, near the French Quarter. According to multiple reports, the planned hotel was 350 rooms and 12,000 square feet.

This video shows the aftermath of the collapse

It is election day in the state, and according to CBS News, instead of last minute campaigning, Governor John Bel Edwards was on-site in New Orleans in response to the tragedy. The Governor encouraged the public to stay away from the area, because it is still an active site. The building may still suffer further collapse.

This video shows the size and scale of the collapse from the air

Video was posted almost immediately after the collapse, which caused the story to spread quickly, and created a stream of people coming to the scene. This is the video that was first posted online moments after the collapse

This video was taken in the moments after the collapse, where a construction worker tells the man filming that there are people trapped inside


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