A new tarp has been placed to cover the remains of the dead worker trapped under the rubble at the site of the partially-collapsed Hard Rock Hotel in New Orleans.

As you may recall, earlier this week there was much public outrage after the tarp covering the body of Quinnyon Wimberly blew away, making the victim's body viewable to the public.

The remains had been visible for more than a week. Although difficult to see with the naked eye from the street, with a zoom lens the image appeared clear.

According to New Orleans Fire Department Chief Tim McConnell, crews are using heavier ropes than those that were previously used, and they're also working to replace other tarps at the site that had tears and rips in them.

The question is still being asked, "why did it take so long to replace the tarp?"

New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell's administration said the location of the body complicated efforts to replace the tarp. Crews were eventually able to find new areas of collapse inside the site they previously utilized to access the part of the building where the tarp was placed.

"It is a challenge, to say the least," McConnell said. "Our firefighters are proceding with extreme caution to make a bad situation better."

Wimberly's remains, as well as the body of Jose Ponce, who officials believe is still buried under the rubble, will be recovered after the building is imploded.

The latest plan calls for a controlled implosion shortly after Mardi Gras, which is February 25.

"We've kept the family informed of that," McConnell said. "We've had experts from every field that we can find, and no one has been able to present a safe plan to do it. I wish there was a better way. I wish we could have given these families closure much sooner."


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