Search crews removed one body from the aftermath of the Hard Rock Hotel construction collapse on Sunday night.

Family members identified 49-year-old Anthony Magrette—a hard-working father of four and grandfather to several others. City officials say the scene is still being operated as a rescue mission as one person remains unaccounted for.

According to WDSU, Nova Espinoza dropped her husband off to work at the Hard Rock Hotel construction site around 6 am on a day where he wasn't even scheduled to work. Margrette picked up the shift for extra cash. Later that morning Espinoza got a call from her husband's boss after the site collapsed.

He told me what happened, and I dropped everything and came up here. I was hoping as I got up here, he'd be walking out of the building, he'd be safe and fine

Margrette didn't walk out of the building. Instead, Espinoza got word that he was believed to be trapped in the rubble.

She decided she would camp out on Saturday night refusing to leave until she got answers with hopes that Margrette was still alive.

One minute I feel confident they're going to get him and then the next I feel like everything has just come crashing down

Around 4 pm on Sunday, her world did come crashing down after receiving an unfortunate update from officials.

We removed one body from the site and have transported that individual to our coroner's office at which time they will be identified

When she went down to the Coroner's Office to identify her husband's body, Espinoza was told that he was found on the seventh floor.

There is currently one more family waiting for their loved one to be located in the rubble. Two cranes have been shipped in to secure the unstable area of the building so crews can take the search deeper within the aftermath.

We have someone we have not located and can't get to where we think they might be, so that's our goal and its happening as fast as it can possibly happen with safety in mind

Experts believe there is a strong possibility that more of the building could still collapse. Until things are fully secured, traffic and operations for nearby businesses will be affected by road closures in the area.

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